The Project

The Canada Protocol is an open-access project for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data developers, decision-makers, professionals, researchers, and anyone thinking about using AI. It was created by Carl Mörch and Ahbishek Gupta in Montreal, Canada. 

AI is a source of immense hopes and valid concerns. It’s challenging to know how to remain ethical when using AI. That’s why we started the Canada Protocol. We have synthesized and analyzed over 40 reports, professional guidelines, and key studies on AI & Ethics. Our intention is to gather all of the existing scientific and validated recommendations on how to address AI’s ethical risks and challenges. We hope this project can help you!

An open-access project for everyone thinking about using AI! 

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The Canada Protocol is comprised of two versions, with more coming soon!

The Global Survey on Ethics & AI

This project will be the main tool made available. It will cover a wide range of ethical issues, dilemmas and challenges.

This survey will ask questions and then offer you a personalized summary of practical recommendations from the literature and experts around the world.

The project will be released soon (April 2019)

The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention checklist

This version focuses on the very specific challenges of using AI in the context of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

We created a checklist to review the key potential ethical questions. It was validated in 2018 by 16 experts and professionals with a two-round Delphi consultation.