Why is it called "Canada Protocol"?

The initiative started in Montreal, Canada. This city has a a growing number of research centres and companies working on AI. When we started the project, we wanted to indicate where this project was coming from. Additionally, Canada has often been associated with international treaties on the environment and public health. We wanted to associate our took with this positive aspect.

Who is behind this project?

We are Carl Mörch and Abhishek Gupta, a team from Montreal, Canada. The project was first launched at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). It is now supported by the Montreal Ethics Institute, founded by Abhishek Gupta. You can learn more about us in the “Who We Are” section. 

What exactly is the Canada Protocol?

The Canada Protocol is a open-access project. Its aim is to create tools to help AI users be more aware of important ethical challenges.

How was the project funded?

The project did not receive any funding. It started as a part of Carl Mörch’s Ph.D. The Mental Health version was scientifically supervised by Brian L. Mishara, his Ph.D. supervisor. The Canada Protocol is a volunteer-led project.